Our Approach –

When It Comes To Innovation – Spontaneity Beats Structure


The basis of innovation whether it be a new item on a menu, product portfolio expansion or a new restaurant concept all begins with IMAGINATION. People who approach things with passion and purpose live a fascinating life.
We will help you find your spark, and light it!


Our purpose is to create peace love food. Let us help you break through the ordinary with innovative solutions. Our goal is to get people talking and create solutions that inspire action, get noticed and create impact. Let’s take your WISH and DO it!


Our collaboration in trends analysis, multi-dimensional consumer insights and industry best practices will break through the clutter with product and menu cues that matter. Together we will evaluate ideas from multiple perspectives to get a sense as to its strengths, weaknesses and uncertainties. We will engage with the most curious and entrepreneurial people in your organization to help drive a movement to replace fear with curiosity.
The more curious an organization you can build, the more innovative it will become.


Beginning with asking the question “Why are we here?” we will approach the project with discovery, creativity and leadership to assist you in championing change. Our solutions come in all shapes & sizes. It's not just one or two individuals; it's all of us working together in radically different ways to build brands. Our difference is lead by a Chef.
We create ideas with life!


CREATIVITY is all around us. Yet in our busy lives we
often think about what is directly in front of us.

IMAGINATIVE thinking generates new and creative
solutions to get around our limitations.

COLLECTIVELY we imagine outcomes that seem unrealistic
at the moment, but are achievable as all of us believe.

IMAGINATION embraces change and makes us think
“where is the potential here”?


CHANGE – embrace it  
FUN – play lies in the heart of creativity & innovation  
CURIOSITY - stay curious and keep your eyes wide open
DELIGHTED – be delighted with creativity    
INSPIRE – in ways you cannot imagine
WOW – create things that take their breath away
HONESTY – do the right thing
RESPONSIBILITY – build a positive team spirit
HUMILITY – great leaders possess it
IMAGINATION –explore the future opportunities
Our Take On Trends

Our Take on the Fall & Winter Trends

Curiosity Fuels the Future of Food.
As we continue to explore the ever changing global food marketplace, curiosity will help lead us to new ideas we can all chew on.  Here’s a peek at our top trends for this season.


Oink! Bacon is no longer the shining star as Chefs are playing with everything pork from nose to tail. Creatively cooking with more ears and cheeks and not just for BBQ anymore but for pastas, breads, fish and vinaigrettes.

Drink Local

People are bellying up to the bar and exploring small batch Craft Distilleries with everything from Whiskey, Vodka, Gin & Rum

Stop the Madness!

Education is on the rise globally for every individual to join the Food Waste Campaigns. Chefs are looking at efficiency in the kitchen to reduce the huge amounts of food waste not only in their own kitchens but in their communities.  Along with restaurants, farmers and food manufacturers, giving back locally by partnering with local non-profits, making an impact on reduction and giving back is happening worldwide like never before.

Culinary Destinations

Food & Travel go hand-in-hand. Curious adventurists and food enthusiasts of all ages around the world agree that food is important when selecting a trip destination. Travel brands have reimagined themselves as Lifestyle Connoisseurs. Culinary national branding is the new trend for countries looking to gain their share of the tourism dollars. Hot destinations right now include: Austin, Texas; Peru; India, Cuba, Portugal and Central Mexico.

Back to Basics

Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. Familiar items provide an inspiration to experiment with new flavors. Diners today are beyond the showy presentations and flamboyant preparations – they’re going back to food that is great tasting, simply prepared and provides a bit of comfort.

Express Yourself!

Food is not just about nutrition – it's entertainment and self expression, particularly for younger diners. Variety and authentic diverse flavors combined with being able to “create your own” all while sharing every bite with the world via social media is at an all time high. As technology continues to take over our lives, expressing ourselves through food will continue to be tweeted, shared and instagrammed!

Hispanic Culture & Cuisine

Authenticity, quality and service combined with providing an entire cultural experience are critical when preparing Mexican and Latin cuisine. Understanding the regional preferences and the rich flavors of fresh ingredients, drives creative and responsible food and beverage offerings. As the largest minority group in the United States, not only are Hispanics changing the demographic makeup of the country, but they are also making a remarkable impact on all aspects of the restaurant business, product development, marketing, hiring, and more.
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